Bitwise is a human-centric technology company that provides digital services on federal contracts that support our nation's military and the Intelligence Community. Our team is made up of bright, energetic professionals who have a passion for solving hard problems and enriching lives through technology. We believe in focusing relentlessly on our employees, with a culture that prioritizes growth, wellness, and a connection to our communities.

You'll find that our offers are excellent, but if you're shopping offers strictly to find your next bump in pay – we respect you, but that's not us. Our ideal candidate is someone looking to get in on the ground floor of our company, to shape our culture, to be an influential decision-maker, and ultimately to make a difference with killer, innovative software. In short, your contributions with us will be more than your timecard hours. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, we're excited to meet you! Choose from our open positions below or drop us a line, and let's party.



  • Allison

    Director of Operations

    “ No one should feel trapped in a job that doesn’t fulfill them. Our track record of matching our team members with roles they’re passionate about is something I’m really proud of. ”

  • Audrey

    Software Engineer

    “ I'm so excited to have opportunities to contribute to this company. I get to be involved. I feel heard. ”

  • Daniel

    Software Engineer

    “ The work I'm doing now is kind of pushing the threshold, which I think for a lot of developers is really where you want to be. It's definitely more fulfilling. ”